Lifting osteopathy out of the medical 'hum-drum'

Ole was keen for his practise to stand for something more than just a patch-up. He has a passion to help people live a full life, not one that's plagued by aches and pain, that are then only covered over by various painkillers to have the pain return later in the week.


Lost in translation

Talking through how Otley Osteopaths positions itself with its clients and promotes itself to future patients, it was clear people didn't really understand osteopathy and worse, are very often really nervous and apprehensive about their first visit, so we needed a really friendly brand communication.


Show and tell

We took photos of the team and the environment to use on the new site, to help customers feel at ease, working through a narrative and communications strategy to engage new customers as well as creating a site that's clear and easy to use and breaks away from the normal drab and dreary navy blue that every other Osteopaths has been using for years.

Big Blond Bear provided us with so much more than a great website. We got a partner in promoting our business, with the full marketing package thought through, with years of experience behind it!
— Ole Gulliksen, Otley Osteopaths